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Welcome, we in this community enjoy the game

Dungeons and Dragons!!!!

1.When ever you have a Charrie ( Character ) That Bites the dirt for good, leave a post about it, an example
(Name) (Character Name)

[Species] Human

[Class and Level Here/ Multi class and Level] Lvl2 Rogue/Lvl1 Wizzard

[Means of Death] Chainsawed in Half by Zuma the Mad

[Random Information,Flavor text] " Oh Examplor, we Barely knew thee"

2. Post about RPGs of any kind
3. If you feel the need to flame someone, expect brutal retaliation, because RPGers can be dangerous, (Flaming is not prohibited, just keep it in the comments)
4. Be kind to the DMs (Dungeon Masters)
5. Any pictures must be put under an LJ-cut

The Dungeon Masters for this game are hoopshooter and craizwithsword
being good gamers, caffeine (sp?), dnd, food, mind games, pen and paper, pizza, raising our levels, rpgs, sugar, video games